Introduction Tutorial

Welcome to Negaia!

Before you can start in Negaia, you have to register under the menu item Account Creation necessary.

After entering the email address, password and account last name, the game account must be activated by using the confirmation link in the activation email.

Occasionally the activation email may not be sent. In this case, please contact the service email address

Once the registration is complete and the Login has taken place, you can use the menu item The game (download) can be downloaded from the client by clicking on the portal.

After unpacking the downloaded ZIP file you can get started!

Start of the game

Server selection

After installing the client, the Negaia application can be started. After starting, a list of different servers is available to choose from, with only those with a "green light" being online and can be selected. Server problems can be reported to the email address


After selecting the server, a screen appears asking you to enter your login details. If the "Save email address" option is selected, the email address will remain saved in the input field when you start the game again.

The password must always be entered and cannot be saved. If you have forgotten your password, there is a function here to restore it.