The motivation for the game project has its origin in a deep frustration about other MMO games. What was frustrating? Mainly missing game elements, such as: Housing, reasonable trading system, Open World PVP, etc.

This alone is not enough - a good story and technical know-how are necessary. At the beginning, the Negaia project was a one-man show. During this time, the world and its history were devised and searched for appropriate tools for the realization of the project. The starting shot for the implementation was in November 2010.

The Team

A colorful mix of creative hobbyists, students and (semi-) professionals with a never-ending source of imagination. Since 2012, the ever-growing team has been planting the seedlings from crazy ideas of individuals into the fertile competence ground of the group, creating a garden of negaian proportions - charming, diverse and definitely unique!

Team Management


Peter Mourlas

Founded Negaia in 2010. He is the head of the team and mainly deals with the programming. However, he also masters the 3D modeling and contributes to one or the other model.

His family in Negaia can be found under the name Terrestorius.



Marvin Labs

He creates the essence of Negaias with much detail. Mervin became a member of Team Negaia at about the same time as Mike.

If the Labs family in Negaia crosses you, then behind it conceals Marvin.


Mike "Kurgan" Strenzel

A 3D all-rounder that has a good eye and hands for landscapes, equipments and textures. He has been a part of the team since 2012 and is therefore a basic element.

His avatars are based on the surname Kurgan.



Lukas Liebhold

Is our man at the brush. He has been a support to the team since 2015. He invigorates the ideas of the team with brilliant conceptual drawings.

Its virtual offshoots are based on the surname Astroth.

Luke's work can be seen on his page



Hector Baxeda

Is the backbone of the story of Negaias, written in Questtexts and the book Negaia. Hector has been a member of the team since 2015.

In the name Mio hears his virtual family.

Music & Sound


Hannes "Klangholz" Bieber

Every sound in Negaia comes from his pen. Hannes joined Team Negaia in 2013 and contributed enormously to the atmosphere in Negaia.

His Avatar family listens to the name Bieber.



Peter Mourlas

The main task of Peter is the programming as well as the team management. Here he writes the entire game code as well as the complete back end of the website.


Philipp Nürnberg

Since 2016, Philipp has been taking care of the web design of Negaias. He has created the entire basic concept of Negaias Internet presence.

If the Noremberger family crosses you in Negaia, then behind you is Philipp.


At this point, we would like to thank former team members and all Negaias supporters.

Mike 'Kurgan' Strenzel * Lukas Liebhold * Hannes 'Klangholz' Bieber * Timo 'Trollmanns' Bächle * Thiemo Bannasch * ByteJunkie * Eileen Eilert * Michael Hein * Steffi Hoser * Stefan 'DerStef' Lahm * Christian Laurer * Sung Nam Lee * Manuela Maier * Roman Müssig * Rebecca Schlapp * Tino Schwan * Helmut Stark