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from the chaos and created by an omnipotent hand beyond time and space - The primeval elements: fire, earth, water and air. Formed from elements, endowed with divinity and bound to its element - The gods: Helios, Gaia, Pontos and Aither. Dedicated to their God and blessed with free will - The Nations - Albs, Humans, Flumars and Langren.

Are you ready to join the adventures of Negaias?

As a member of the Negaias, declare yourself here or register right now and find the way out of chaos.

May the gods be with you.

"; Hadrian Falhig

Hadrian Falhig

Astral Science Department

*) System Requirements: CPU: Quad-Core CPU with min. 2GHz (e.g.: Intel© Core i5) - RAM: min. 4 GB - GPU: min. 2 GB VRAM (e.g.: nVidia© GTX660) - Peripherals: Mouse with scroll wheel, speakers or headphones