1 Game Content
1.1 The Creation Myth
1.2 The Nations
1.2.1 Albs
1.2.2 Humans
1.2.3 Flumars
1.2.4 Langren
1.3 The World
1.3.1 The Under World - Orcus
1.3.2 The Middle World Nurimon Splendor District Crafting District Castle Kairan Lantax The Channels of Lantax The Great Grotto Profanripa the Blacksmith District The Garrison Phosamon Anchorpoint of the Firmament Tartanis The Cave of Balthazars The Launch of Nagfahr The Hell Portal The Black Order Fiord of the Elemente Ligarien
1.3.3 Die Upper World - Haimdall

2 Gameplay und Game Mechanisms
2.1 Gameplay
2.1.1 Game Story
2.1.2 Game Task
2.1.3 Playtime
2.2 Game Mechanisms
2.2.1 Interaction System
2.2.2 Inventory
2.2.3 Navigation and Maps
2.2.4 Equipment System
2.2.5 Skill System
2.2.6 Quest System
2.2.7 Trading System Exchange between Players Trading Offices Own Stores THe Great Covered Market of Lantax General Items Unique Items
2.2.8 Housing Aystem rent rooms Properties and self-build Buildings
2.2.9 Bank System Central Bank of Gods Private Banks Profit Distribution Accounts Credits Speculations Bank-NPC
2.2.10 Social System Villages Bulletin Board Mayoral Election Capitals Election of the Fraction Administrator Ranking System Secular Ranks Military Ranks Spiritual Ranks
2.2.11 Court System Criminal Record Judgments

1 Game Content

Negaia is an economy-based online game with the focus on the role playing and social interaction among the players. In Negaia the concept of "good and evil" is not pursued, but the idea "where light, since also shadow". This means that all things in Negaia combine a good and a bad side.
Negaia is a mixture of classical fantasy elements with steampunk and high-tech components. The knowledge of the creatures of Negaias is comparable to that of the real high-middle age. Things which are not understood by the inhabitants of Negaias are generally called "magic."