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- The health of pigs has been reduced by 80%. This should make it easier to kill pigs.

New Features:
- New function for recipes: Here a batch processing can be initiated.
- Journeyman NPCs can place orders for money and pick them up after 20 minutes. Precondition for the placement of orders are sufficient raw materials for the order. The following journeymen are available:
   - Lieviant Kem (blacksmith): iron bars, iron nails, iron bars
   - Andor Orp (carpenter): wood, wooden boards, squared timbers, roof shingles
   - Linus Garg (Tailor): Simple tote bag
   - Hama Hant (weaver and spinner): yarn spool, plain fabric
- A petrol station was built in front of the village of Santhnor.
- There is another loading screen - The selection is done dynamically.

Fixed Bugs:
- The tricorne is displayed in the character GUI and hidden in the first person.
- The acceleration button on the character window now works on mounts.
- The "Skinning" animation is server-synchronized.
- The NPC "Anorius Wiz" on the island in leagues is visible again.
- The NPC "Geror Blak", which sold the Rotaren in the citadel has been revised. Building a Rotar is now much easier to handle. - Patch (18.02.2018)


New features:
- Button on the character window for getting up in addition to the ESC key.
- Documents available for the plots - These can be traded.
- New item: blueprint - double-storey half-timbered house available from the architect in Nurimon.
- The building plan of the architect can be used to build the house on the land.

Fixed Bugs:
none - Patch (11.02.2018)


New Features:
- Items: wooden shingle, flat glass, iron bar
- Carpenter recipe: wood shingle
- Metallurgy recipe: flat glass
- Forge Recipe: Iron Bar
- The Level 1 Housing System in Santhnor Village is available at City Hall - Land can be purchased.

Fixed Bugs:
- Whispering and friend invitations were not possible under certain circumstances.
- Metalurgists' recipes were alchemy recipes. Bug was fixed.
- NPC Geror Blak in leagues was invisible.
- When buying a recipe you will be registered as the owner. - Patch (11.11.2017)


New Features:
- Speed ??button on the speed change character window
- Stone Ax recipe is now available from the potter / stonemason
- Damage to the furniture is indicated acoustically and visually

Fixed Bugs:
- The character now exhausts while running with WASD + Shift, Speed-button and the mouse
- The bag can not be opened while using mounts
- Descending mounts is always possible
- Speeds up scrolling in the goods register
- Comics are now displayed correctly in Regal
- If a couch is destroyed, the player automatically gets up
- In a teleport (for example, death) in a sitting position, the player gets up before.
- The jukeboxes in Ligarien and Santhnor East now work correctly (on / off).
- The Kürschnermesser is displayed correctly on the shelf
- The iron spring is displayed correctly on the shelf
- Skills on the right side of the Skill Book are now displayed from top to bottom
- The texture of Hector's hat has been corrected
- The coffee table can now be easily placed
- Harry only reacts to strangers who are actually in the room
- Gas station working again
- Fixed Rotarus Spawn.
- Fields database adjusted - This eliminates spawn and tenant issues - Patch (04.11.2017)


New Features:
- Furniture: flowerpot, coffee table
- Items: Harald tuber, right leather shoe, left leather shoe, clay, flower pot, storm leather vest, storm trouser pants, tricorne, coffee table
- NPC: Pirate in Nuriport
- Completed voice messages on the furrier skill.
- Skills: Potter
- Recipes: left and right leather shoes, flower pot, storm leather vest, storm trousers pants, tricorne, coffee table
- Harry the houseplant

Fixed Bugs:
- Collider problem at the stables in Santhnor - Patch (29.10.2017)


New Features:
- The camera angle is now variable
- New signposts in Ligari
- Mounts in the stables in the village of Santhnor East do not get any damage as long as they are within the stables.
- Blacksmith recipes: Simple ice curling, skinny knife
- Carpentry recipes: Simple woody staple
- Furrier: Skillful Skinning
- Gerber recipe: pig leather
- Skill: Kürschner, Gerber
- New items: pork skin, iron springs, pig leather, cantilever, shrunken couch
- New furniture: couch

Fixed Bugs:
- Daily-quest at Arim Prahda could be done under certain circumstances nciht more.
- Quest text of the mastermind Isadora has been adapted.
- AoI handling of furniture now works flawlessly.
- Herbs can only be picked once.
- Goods can only be removed at a distance of 3 meters.
- A room recognition ensures that the player and the rack are in the same room, so you can remove and store things. Goods can only be stored if the player is closer than 3 meters.
- Doors can be opened by strangers only from inside, even if the collider is clicked from the outside.
- Turn the character while it is selling in the office. - Patch (20.10.2017)


New Features:
- Furniture can now be placed in the game world via the function "de-shrink"
- Carpenter: Recipe - Shrunken Shelf

Fixed Bugs:
- Database structure of the stored objects has been changed. - Patch (10.10.2017)


New Features:
- farmbare herbs: hanebane
- Stone mill for the production of sand
- Schneider in Nurimon with the recipes: Simple linen pants, simple linen shirt and small linen bag
- Alchemist in Nuimon with the recipes: Shrinking elixir
- New recipe for metallurgists: Small glass vial
- The game can be closed via a menu, which can be reached with the ESC key.

Fixed bugs:
- The quest on the island in Ligaria can now be completed. - Patch (tbd)

Patches - are internal versions.

New Features:
- In the inn in Santhnor East you can now rent rooms.
- The bugreporter is linked to the Negaia mail system.

Fixed Bugs:
- There were sporadic errors in the accounts. This bug has been fixed. - Patch (24.09.2017)


New Features:
- Nurimon carpentry: The master carpenter was implemented. He offers the carpentry recipe and a recipe for the production of wooden boards.
- Nurimon Mine: Here, with the hands and weapons, iron ore can be mined.
- Nurimon blast furnace: The metallurgy was implemented. Here one can learn the craft of the metallurgist and receive the recipe for smelting iron ore. Which one can use in the blast furnace.
- Nurimon Schmied: The blacksmith champion was implemented. Here you can learn the craft of the blacksmith and get the recipe for nails.

Fixed Bugs:
- At the daily quest in the Ligarian Storm Vest you get now a bomb.
- Negative amounts at the store are no longer possible for unique items. - Patch (13.08.2017)


New Features:
- Tanker sells canister for mount fuel at gas stations.
- new zone available: Tartanis
- Daily-Quest: Stormweir Stronghold available.
- Comics are available in Ligaria.
- Carpet in Kairan throne room is green instead red.
- Area Tartanis is available.

Fixed Bugs:
- Quest in the Stormweir Stronghold now playable.
- Mount did not despawn anymore at logout. - Patch (18.06.2017)


New Features:
- Quest texts have been adapted to the revised quest system.
- Mountsystem available and the Rotarus mount available.
- The bug reporter and the settings menu can now be closed via ESC.
- Map trader at the crossroads in Santhnor East.
- The incognito is now properly handled.
- Quest: The assassin in the Stormweir Stronghold.
- Quest: The Black Order on the island in Ligaria.

Fixed Bugs:
- The collider model of the cabin on the Taurus has been revised. Now it is no longer possible to operate the switches by rotating the camera.
- Navigationmesh revised.
- Entering numbers in input fields no longer causes the avatar to revert to the main menu.
- Recipe names are now displayed in the trader dialog. - Patch (27.05.2017)


New Features:
- The Taurus class airship is available.
- Dropped Items now available also on vehicles.

Fixed Bugs:
- Localization bug in the Micelli quest in Elis.
- Terraintexture in the cellar entry in the pub of the silent sisters.
- Fences in the airship port in Nurimon removed. - Patch (15.05.2017)

The work on the airship is a bit longer and the holiday season of our programmer is at the doorstep.

New Features:
- Friendlist is available.
- Balancing of prices (yarn and simple fabrics).
- If a bug is reported a message is spawned in the chat.
- In the dealer dialog, there is now a reply option, which automatically opens the bag.

Fixed Bugs:
- dropped items fall now to the ground and have physics characteristics.
- Character Selection GUI: Color change bug fixed.
- The buttons of the quest dialogues working proper now.
- Camera bug on steep slopes are fixed.
- The stairs in the trading office (Santhnor East) is fixed.
- The voice-message "This is to heavy" was every time appeared. This is now fixed.
- The price of "Leinards Head" is not negative anymore.
- The crosshair for firearms are fixed.
- The tooltip of the characterattributes are fixed.
- The voice-message "You are not have the right skill" was not every time played.

[back] - Patch (07.05.2017)

the water of Loch Ligarus has some shader problems and is shown violet. We are working on this topic. Don't enter the water because you can loose the orientation.

New Features:
- The net play time will be tracked.
- The despawn-time of flax was increased from 60 to 180 seconds.
- The global chat is now over /G and /g available.
- The global chat button function was changed. you can active the global chat permanent by pressing the global chat button.
- if the camera is near to the avatar then it change to first person view.

Fixed Bugs:
- The scrolling range of the Quest GUI has been increased by 10px so that the text is not truncated.
- Under certain circumstances, items are disappeared in the ground.
- Under certain circumstances, the trader does not pay money for common items.
- The use of recipes was not possible after a change of character.
- Miceli Kromand in Elis has no longer assigned the Daily Quest, but wrongly showed the trade dialog.
- Various shader errors have been fixed.
- The collision model of the inn in the village of Elis and Santhnor has been reworked - the player can no longer jump from you through the windows.
- The description of the floating buttons was in the manual.
- The Montupus NPC of the "The Dilemma" series of quests dropped the wrong item.
- When sitting, no rotation data are now sent.
- Tooltip was displayed when opening the manual under certain circumstances.

[back] - Patch (25.04.2017)


New Features:
- AOI-handing optimized on the server. This reduces data traffic up to 90%.
- The lifts in the airship port and Nurimon have been revised and can be used.
- NPC and players are displayed as a blue dot on the minimap.
- The quest series "The Dilemma" is implemented in Santhnor East in the mountain pass.
- The dealers have received a detailed, accessible information text.
- The NPC Utahr Gult, which provides a recipe for a linen trousers, has been implemented in Ligaria.
- If a quest has another quest for the player, it will automatically open without the player having to click the NPC.
- It is possible to return to the character selection via the ESC menu.
- When purchasing a unique item in a store, the acquirer is entered as the owner of the item.
- The player can now die and is respawned in Videndra.

Fixed Bugs:
- Area map - a data array was not deleted, therefore the wrong information was shown on the map.
- Hand change implemented for all weapons.
- It was not possible to light the torch.
- The "GroundColliding-Bug" has been fixed. This means that the avatar does not accidentally hang in the air. This now correctly calculates the falling damage.
- Various problems dealing with the performance of the server have been fixed - eg: lag at the dealers, NPCs, etc.
- Various shader problems in Nurimon and Santhnor West have been fixed.
- The Great Temple of Gaia in Ligaria was reworked. The player will no longer hang between the columns.
- In the chat the denomination of the monetary quest reward was displayed incorrectly.

[back] - Patch (16.04.2017)

The Version was an internal version.

New Features:
- The engine was upgraded from Unity 5.3 to Unity 5.6.
- The water has been revised. Water is available only as sea and as Loch Ligarus in Ligaria. After completion of version, the other areas are watered.
- Maps are available as interactive maps.
- The map of Ligaria is available at the dealer Lokar in the starting area of ??the people.

Fixed Bugs:
- Clothes could not be weared - Caused by the recognition of diffent nations.
- At the beer drinking came the message, that one does not possess this ability.
- The despawn time for old branches has been doubled.
- Scene Splitting Bug fixed - Players no longer fall through the terrain. This usually happened with perfomance-weakening systems.

[back] - Patch (11.04.2017)

The version was an internal version.

New Features:
- A tooltip for the available items is now implemented in the NPC dealer dialog.
- Trees are precipitable and can be used as a raw material source for old branches. (First of all, a tree at the Na Kai clan in Santhnor east)
- The NPC data is reset after the server restart.
- The volume can be set separately via the setup menu.
- Weapons can be changed between hands without removing them.
- The player's avatar exhausts when he runs.
- The Avatar evaluates the damage - but without dying.
- Clothes are restricted to peoples. e.g. Shoes can not wear albums.

Fixed Bugs:
- The character can not be rotated when praying / kneeling.
- Bugreporter GUI: After sending / closing the text fields are deleted.
- Bugreporter GUI: Disable avatar movement when the GUI is open.
- Bugreporter GUI: Chateingabe is deactivated as long as the bugreporter is open.
- Hairdresser Santhnor Ost: Grasses no longer look through the ground.
- Quest GUI: The scrolling area is reset when open.
- Equipment information: The equipment information is now opened in front of the equipment window and not behind it.
- The flickering of street lanterns has been reduced.
- Collision problem with the wells has been fixed.
- Swimming in the sea works.

[back] - Patch (30.03.2017)

The versionen - are internal versionen.

New Features:
- The quest series for fabric production in ligaments.
- The quest series for making an ax.
- Dealers for fields.
- The NPC Leinard has been inserted.
- The skill book shows whether the skill is active or passive.

Fixed Bugs:
- The grounding bug has been improved.
- various improvements in the shaders.
- The item "Digglers Head" can now be sold at the trading offices.

[back] - Patch (07.01.2017)


New Features:
- Patching system
- The required workshop is displayed in recipes
- Tooltips for items in the inventory have been added
- Tooltips for all buttons in character creation have been added
- Tooltips for character attributes have been added
- Real-time clock has been added
- Switch on with TAB in the login menu
- Camera can be rotated around the character at standstill
- The character window can be adjusted in size
- With ESC you can close all UIs
- With ESC you can leave the game

Fixed Bugs:
- The Lupus Noctis cowl can now be worn
- Metal fence is no longer transparent (cemetery Santhnor East)
- It does not look any more grass through the ground in the windmill in Ligaria
- Character remains when you activate the chat
- The entry in the bugreporter has no influence on the character or chat
- In the stables in Nurimon you can now walk up the stairs
- The mouse does not jump to the center of the mouse
- The staircase in the tree house in Ligari can now be walked
- The collision model of maple trees has been modified

[back] - Alpha-Release (17.12.2016)

First Release of Negaia

New Features:
- The Humans
- First Quests
- Inventarsystem
- Equipmentsystem
- Skillsystem
- Chat
- 8km² playable world:
--- Ligaria
--- Santhnor (East and West)
--- Nurimon
--- Nuriport
--- Elis
--- Aperan Sea
- and a lot of funny details